Services and processes of the Facility management will allow you to concentrate on your business. The FM goal will be a complex and effective technical service with management of accompanying activities.


We will carry out an operation analysis of your properties and technologies and we will focus on the efficiency and reduction of your operational expenses.

We will plan and assume the responsibility for the operation with the focus on economics, security, fire safety and revisions, the cleaning methods and overall maintenance in a way that not only you, but also your employees can focus on their jobs and profit.


Professional software solution of the FM branch arches over the entire economics, processes, record keeping. The resulting reporting usually serves as a base for the evaluation of the effectiveness of managing the property. Better results are ensured by the ensuing analysis, recommendations and implementation of measures and by that, we can also positively affect the commitment to the owner.

Work with graphical multimedia data and entries
Utilise various descriptions and notes
Base for effective management of your property
Monitoring expenses for a given area
Management of legal duties and revisions
Simple reduction of expenses for maintenance and renovation


We actively ensure a problem-free operation of your building and other processes linked with production and functioning. We work with the entrusted funds in such a way that the building “lives in accord” with its users and tenants. We provide the administration and handle the software for controlling technologies and react in time to legislative and revisions. We create reports and propose investments leading to an effective functioning of your business. We create a safe place with preventive measures against any losses. The positive work carried out on the object must be apparent to the tenant at first sight. The work done by us for the tenant is continuously clear and apparent.

Operation, maintenance and service of technological devices – security audit and project (heating, air-conditioning, cooling, gas distribution network, water and sewerage, central vacuum cleaners, elevators, etc.)

Remote monitoring, detection of malfunctions, prevention (measuring and regulating, wiring, security equipment, control systems for all the technological equipment, lightning rod, telephone networks, TV signal wirings, computer networks, lighting, etc.)

Warranty and post-warranty service – representing the client in dealings with a third party

Emergency services – preventing of further damages done to your property in a case of emergencies

Revisions, technological inspections, fire safety and occupational safety and health act (OSHA) – ensuring revisions in accord with rightful regulations and norms


We create the first impression of a company – we pay attention to detail and make sure it's always clean. We use modern and ecologically considerate technologies and we tailor our processes to your manufacturing process and to the time operation of your building. We clean the inside and outside area as well.

Cleaning of internal objects’ areas
Maintenance and cleaning of spaces and greenery
Regular cleaning and refilling of toiletries
Washing, cleaning and repairing of laundry and clothes
Disposal and processing of waste
Disinfection and pest control
Washing of facades and windows


Expert preventive inspections, projections, supplying and installing of the dedicated devices
Revisions and repairs of the Fire Alarm System (FAS)
Suggestion of blueprints for fire safety devices
Training and expert preparation of employees, training for fire safety and for occupational safety and health act (OSHA)
Administration of the documentation for fire safety and occupational safety and health act (OSHA)


We continuously keep track of all energy-related things. We know that everything is about savings and that there are often considerable reserves in energy management. We decrease the expenses for energy by an energy audit, rigorous maintenance, tendering of the providers and by other means.